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Chapter Committees

Scholarship Committee 
•    Works to prepare the materials for the selection of the annual scholarship recipient
•    Determines the criteria for the annual scholarship recipient
•    Distributes materials
•    Selects the awardee(s)
•    Announces awardee(s) at the dinner/dance


Dinner/Dance Logistics Committee
•    Prints and distributes tickets for the annual scholarship event
•    Collects money from sales
•    Works with dance venue on banquet specifics (e.g., seating, decorations, menu, payment)
•    Secures band and requirements for night of event (including payment)
•    Prepares profit/balance sheet for dinner/dance


Special Activities/Community Outreach Committee 
•    Plans community service projects for the Chapter
•    Assists with the Dinner/Dance by:
o    taking tickets at the door and directing guests to seats
o    conducting intermission activities (awards, raffles, door prizes)
o    ensuring guests' needs are accommodated
•    Selects venues and serves as hosts for Fall Founders' Day Social, Christmas Social and other special events, as requested

Note: The Scholarship Committee, Dinner/Dance Logistics Committee, and Special Activities/Community Outreach Committee all are subcommittees for the Annual Scholarship Dinner and Dance.  The Special Activities/Community Outreach Committee has responsibilities in addition to the annual dinner.


Membership/Reclamation Committee 
•    Motivates JSU alumni in the metro Washington, D.C. area to become active members in the Alumni Chapter
•    Distributes contact cards at chapter events (for inactive alumni) to maintain contact with alumni 
•    Produces a Calendar of Events to be distributed to alumni about Chapter's yearly events
•    Distributes reminder mailings to alumni about upcoming events
•    Obtains list of current JSU students and invites current students to the June Year-End Picnic
•    Provides innovative strategies to attract and retain alumni participation


Recruitment Committee 
•    Attends area college fairs to advise and recruit students to Jackson State University
•    Works with the Office of Marketing and Recruitment at JSU to obtain materials for interested students
•    Maintains recruitment materials for distribution
•    Transmits inquiries and completed information requests to the Office of Marketing and Recruitment
•    Seeks a visible presence of JSU Alumni in the Metro-DC area 

Publicity Committee 
•    Designs and maintains useful, timely and appropriate information on the Chapter's website
•    Distributes the Chapter’s newsletter
•    Responsible for publicizing Chapter events


Fundraising Committee 
•    Plans, organizes, and promotes Fundraising activities
•    Solicits donations and contributions from corporations


Audit Committee 
•    Responsible for auditing the records of the Treasurer at the end of the year
•    Presents report of audit to the Chapter at the first meeting of the year


Amenities Committee 
•    Responsible for providing appropriate expressions of concern or sympathy for members of the Chapter


Budget Committee 
•    Responsible for establishing a budget and monitoring the financial status of the Local Chapter, as well as coordinating with the Committee Chairs regarding their financial needs and responsibilities



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